[Open-FCoE] FW: Open FCoE

Dan Pearson dan.pearson at qlogic.com
Fri Nov 30 20:53:12 UTC 2007

Hi Robert,
As I would expect, the initiator seems to be much more straight forward
than the target.
I hit a few snags on the target side, so I think I will reinstall linux
and start over.
A couple things I noticed:
1. I never could get the patch to work with
scst_exec_req_fifo-2.6.23.patch. I can find the patch, I just couldn't
get it to patch anything. Like you said though, this really isn't
required, so I'll just shelve that step.
2. I'm guessing it's my environment, but I get a ton of warnings when I
build HBAAPI. They are all related to general utility functions. For
example, "strdup", "strcpy", "strlen", "memset." Anyway, they are just
warnings, but the instructions are quite explicit that there should be
no warnings.
3. In a related note to #2, I had to modify the files to put the full
path name for the include files. Again, I think this is something in my
particular environment, so it was easy to overcome.
4. In your target "Final configuration and usage" step I had problems
loading the drivers as well. As a matter of fact, whenever I insmod
them, I get "Error inserting fcoe.ko: -1 unknown symbol in module" Same
for the openfctgt.ko.
5. I assume this is related to #4, but just for kicks I tried to add a
disk to the SCST with the echo "assign 2:0:0:0 dev_disk" >
/proc/scsi_tgt/scsi_tgt command. It couldn't find /proc/scsi_tgt and I
assume it's because the load failed in step 4.

Anyway, that's all the feedback I have for now. I will start over with
the target side and retrace my steps just to make sure I didn't mess
something else up.


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