[Open-FCoE] FW: Open FCoE

Love, Robert W robert.w.love at intel.com
Fri Nov 30 21:44:02 UTC 2007

>Hi Robert,
>As I would expect, the initiator seems to be much more straight forward
>than the target.
>I hit a few snags on the target side, so I think I will reinstall linux
>and start over.
>A couple things I noticed:
>1. I never could get the patch to work with
>scst_exec_req_fifo-2.6.23.patch. I can find the patch, I just couldn't
>get it to patch anything. Like you said though, this really isn't
>required, so I'll just shelve that step.

Just go into your kernel directory and run "patch -p1 --dry-run <
<path-to-patch>/scst_exec_req_fifo-2.6.23.patch" assuming there are no
failures (with a vanilla 2.6.23 I don't see any) then go ahead and run
the command again without the --dry-run.

>2. I'm guessing it's my environment, but I get a ton of warnings when I
>build HBAAPI. They are all related to general utility functions. For
>example, "strdup", "strcpy", "strlen", "memset." Anyway, they are just
>warnings, but the instructions are quite explicit that there should be
>no warnings.

Hmm... I've never seen this. I would expect that your problem is that
you might not be using the instructions we provide in our INSTALL doc.
We state exactly how to build the HBAAPI for our purposes. Checkout the
INSTALL document within the open-fcoe repository.

>3. In a related note to #2, I had to modify the files to put the full
>path name for the include files. Again, I think this is something in my
>particular environment, so it was easy to overcome.

When you say "full path" do you mean "absolute path"? If so then, yes,
most of the paths when dealing with SCST of HBAAPI need to be absolute
paths (i.e. starting at /). 

>4. In your target "Final configuration and usage" step I had problems
>loading the drivers as well. As a matter of fact, whenever I insmod
>them, I get "Error inserting fcoe.ko: -1 unknown symbol in module" Same
>for the openfctgt.ko.

This definitely shouldn't be happening. My guess is that since the
kernel never got patched correctly for SCST it's causing you problems
down the road. Let's try and get past the patching part as I've never
attempted to run SCST without using the patch method.

>5. I assume this is related to #4, but just for kicks I tried to add a
>disk to the SCST with the echo "assign 2:0:0:0 dev_disk" >
>/proc/scsi_tgt/scsi_tgt command. It couldn't find /proc/scsi_tgt and I
>assume it's because the load failed in step 4.

That would indicate that the SCST modules didn't get installed
correctly. So, let's get the kernel patched and try building SCST
against the newly patched and built kernel. 

>Anyway, that's all the feedback I have for now. I will start over with
>the target side and retrace my steps just to make sure I didn't mess
>something else up.
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