[Open-FCoE] Dump seen on target when initiater is enabled

Zou, Yi yi.zou at intel.com
Fri Apr 4 15:50:21 UTC 2008

>fc_local_port_recv_flogi_req: FLOGI from port WWPN 20000007e90acfce
>[2835]: scst: scst_parse_cmd:541:***ERROR*** Expected data direction 0
>opcode 0x12 (handler dev_disk, target openfct) doesn't match decoded
>Failed CDB:
> (h)___0__1__2__3__4__5__6__7__8__9__A__B__C__D__E__F
>   0: 12 00 00 00 24 00   ....$.
I myself haven't seen this, wonder if anyone else has seen the similar
error? I also wonder what the last few packets on wireshark were when
this happened.

>[root at oort ~]#
>On the initiator side the fcconf shows following output:
>[root at hogwarts ~]# fcconf target
>eth0 target ports:
>FC ID     WWPN                     State      Role
>010102    20:00:00:07:e9:0b:48:65  Online     FCP Target
>[root at hogwarts ~]# fcconf eth0
>Name          WWPN                      FC-ID   FC         Network
>eth0          20:00:00:07:e9:0a:cf:ce    10101  Online     UP
>[root at hogwarts ~]#
>But inspite of this i cant see the disks which are exported on target
I assume you can still r/w to the target? 

>Is this some problem with the SCST or the target side code of FCoE ?
I might be wrong but I feel it's in the target code. Still, we'll need
some further investigation on this. 


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