[Open-FCoE] Dump seen on target when initiater is enabled

Love, Robert W robert.w.love at intel.com
Fri Apr 11 17:45:56 UTC 2008

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>Subject: Re: [Open-FCoE] Dump seen on target when initiater is enabled
>This problem was previously seen on 2.6.23 kernel and related FCoE
>is described in the wikipage.
>Could it be the case that CBD which is copied from the incoming FC
>incorrect data ? The "cmd" parameter which is being passed between the
>functions and also ends up in scst_parse_cmd() is one which is copied

So, I briefly looked at the problem and can suggest some areas to
investigate. I have not reproduced the problem (haven't had time to try)
so I'd really want to see some debug statements if I were investigating.

Open-FC just gets the data direction from the
scsi_cmnd->sc_data_direction enumeration. Your opcode was 0x12- the
INQUIRY command, which I'm pretty sure is a DMA_FROM_DEVICE
(scsi_probe_lun()). I'd look into the fc_scsi_rcv function which would
be handling the incoming command on the target, or the
openfc_queuecommand function to see what the SCSI-ml is passing down on
the initiator side. 

Basically, I'd want to know what the initiator is getting from SCSI,
what it's sending out and what Open-FC on the target side thinks the
direction is when it's receiving it. It sounds like somewhere along the
way that value is getting changed.

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