[Open-FCoE] [ANNOUNCE]: scsi_tgt.h renamed to scst.h

Zou, Yi yi.zou at intel.com
Thu Apr 17 18:27:13 UTC 2008

>In SCST SVN revision 337 scsi_tgt.h was renamed to scst.h. This was
>to not conflict with scsi_tgt.h from Linux kernel.
>Now all corresponding Open-FCoE files should be updated as necessary
>all old SCST's scsi_tgt.h files should be manually deleted.
>Sorry for inconvenience caused by this.
Hi, Vlad, many thanks for letting us know this change. Please keep
posting here for any other related scst updates.  

For users of fcoe sw target code, we will submit a patch shortly to make
corresponding changes. I did a quick search in cscope, where the
following files will be touched:

  File              Line
0 openfc_scst.c     61 #include "scsi_tgt.h"
1 openfc_scst_pkt.h 24 #include "scsi_tgt.h"
2 openfc_target.c   59 #include "scsi_tgt.h"



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