[Open-FCoE] [RFC PATCH 00/16] rport state machine and locking

Robert Love robert.w.love at intel.com
Tue Sep 9 17:22:22 UTC 2008

The following series implements a change to the rport state machine and
applies a locking strategy to that state machine.

1) A callback function is added to the LP for RP events (READY, FAILED, LOGO)
2) GNN_ID and GPN_ID are removed, rport state machine starts at PLOGI
   - uses a dummy rport until PLOGI response
3) A READY state is added to the RP state machine
4) The RP state machine locking has been given a locking strategy
5) RP only has one error/retry handling routine
6) Naming conventions are changed
    rport (remote port) = fc_rport pointer
    rdata (remote port private) = fc_rport_libfc_priv pointer

I think these patches still need a little cleaning up, but they're mostly good.
I'm curious what everyone thinks about the folowing changes to:

a) the locking policy
b) the event callback mechanism
c) the consolidation of fc_rport_error and fc_rport_retry.

All comments are welcome. If there are no major issues I'll do a little cleanup,
drop the RFC, resubmit and then commit.

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