[Open-FCoE] problem while using fcgw

manali baldawa manali.baldawa at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 10:07:32 UTC 2008

I want to use fcgw
I have setup *fcoe initiator  -> fcgw -> ( any fc simulator)*
I have all hardware in place ....
i used all configuration steps which are mentioned on open-fcoe-wiki......
but i am not able to see luns on initiator side.
I think either i missed out something on fcgw...

i used following steps to set up fcgw.
1.I have 2gbps atto card
2. downloaded tachynet driver from sourceforge.net(link provided on wiki
3. modprobe tachynet
4. ifconfig efc01
5.ifconfig eth1
6.fcgw -i eth0 -f efc0 -n &
  gateway is running  now

Target setup
i have qlogic  and i am using scst .
luns are created on target

Initiator setup
I have new open-fcoe code
loaded fcoe module

1.modprobe fcoe
2.echo eth1 > /sys/module/fcoe/create

Could anyone please help me in this??
is my setup is rite??
am i missing any steps ??

I studied this using wireshark , initiator is sending FLOGI but i think
gatways is not responsding to it and not even forwarding to target.

Thanks & Regards

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