[Open-FCoE] p2p mode didn't send out correct ELS_REP packet from target

charles zhuang charlesz at opengridcomputing.com
Fri Sep 12 20:31:50 UTC 2008

Joe and others,
I have a brand new set up yesterday with all the latest build on
initiator and sw target from the wiki (see my post yesterday). Initially
when I launch the target, I didn't see the FLOGI request come out from
target. After following Joe's sugesstion to change the default FC-MAP
value, I saw correct FLOGI request from target. So now my set up has
both initiator and target send out FLOGI, and it stay that way forever.
On the target side, there's the trace "fc_local_port_recv_flogi_req:
FLOGI from port WWPN**", where fc_local_port_recv_flogi_req call
fc_seq_send_last with FC_RCTL_ELS_REP, which in turn call fc_seq_send
then call fc_port_egress and return correctly. I assume at this point
the ELS_REP packet should send out to the initiator to build the
connection. However, on my wireshark, I don't see any ELS_REP packet,
there's no trace in initiator showing anything either. So still there's
only FC_RCTL_ELS_REQ packet which send out from both initiator and
target and never move up further.
Is there anywhere that I can look deeper into this problem?
Thanks for your help.

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