[Open-FCoE] p2p mode didn't send out correct ELS_REP packet from target

Joe Eykholt jre at nuovasystems.com
Sat Sep 13 04:24:37 UTC 2008

charles zhuang wrote:
> Joe and others,
> I have a brand new set up yesterday with all the latest build on
> initiator and sw target from the wiki (see my post yesterday). Initially
> when I launch the target, I didn't see the FLOGI request come out from
> target. After following Joe's sugesstion to change the default FC-MAP
> value, I saw correct FLOGI request from target. So now my set up has
> both initiator and target send out FLOGI, and it stay that way forever.
> On the target side, there's the trace "fc_local_port_recv_flogi_req:
> FLOGI from port WWPN**", where fc_local_port_recv_flogi_req call
> fc_seq_send_last with FC_RCTL_ELS_REP, which in turn call fc_seq_send
> then call fc_port_egress and return correctly. I assume at this point
> the ELS_REP packet should send out to the initiator to build the
> connection. However, on my wireshark, I don't see any ELS_REP packet,
> there's no trace in initiator showing anything either. So still there's
> only FC_RCTL_ELS_REQ packet which send out from both initiator and
> target and never move up further.
> Is there anywhere that I can look deeper into this problem?
> Thanks for your help.
> Charles
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So the initiator is not receiving the reply.

Are both of your hosts now using the correct destination MAC address
for FLOGI, which should be 0e:fc:00:ff:ff:fe ?   If so, try putting
both interfaces in promiscuous mode (ifconfig ethX promisc).


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