[Open-FCoE] p2p mode didn't send out correct ELS_REP packet from target

charles zhuang charlesz at opengridcomputing.com
Mon Sep 15 13:57:21 UTC 2008

So the initiator is not receiving the reply.

Are both of your hosts now using the correct destination MAC address
for FLOGI, which should be 0e:fc:00:ff:ff:fe ?   If so, try putting
both interfaces in promiscuous mode (ifconfig ethX promisc).
Thanks Joe,
Yes, both of hosts use correct mac address. Both are promisc. The
problem is that after the target recv FLOGI, it call
fc_local_port_recv_flogi_req, then call fc_seq_send_last, then call
fc_port_egress to send out the resp. But from wireshark, I don't see any
FCOE resp packet. There's no log trace on the initiator side indicating
receiving a resp packet either. So I think something is wrong on the
target side where it construct this resp packet. I am tracing this path
now. Wondering if you have any suggestions where should I look at


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