[Open-FCoE] problem while using fcgw

Joe Eykholt jre at nuovasystems.com
Thu Sep 18 12:21:57 UTC 2008

manali baldawa wrote:
> I tried exporting  this varible export FCOE_OUI=0xefc00 on gatway side and
> started fcgw again...
> but i am still facing problem??
> can anyone help me in this??
> have anyone used fcgw?? If yes , how did it work ??
> Please help me out??

I use a setup like that but with a switch past the gateway.
There may be some issues in the current initiator with
point-to-point mode, going directly from fcgw to a target.

If you send me a binary trace, I may be able to help.
Capture with:  tcpdump -i ethX -w /tmp/trace -s 300

You should be running fcgw with the -n option, although
not having that wouldn't cause this problem.

Fcgw just passes frames through, it doesn't respond itself.
With -n it proxies the FLOGI, but still it only responds
when it hears a response from the other side.

Do you have FC link?  The tachynet driver doesn't
negotiate speed so if you have a 1G target, you have
to set the speed using the tyctl utility that comes with
the driver:  tyctl efc0 1g

Also, if your target is a loop device (NL port), I suspect
that's not supported by the tachynet driver.


> Manali
> On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 3:37 PM, manali baldawa <manali.baldawa at gmail.com>wrote:
>> I want to use fcgw
>> I have setup *fcoe initiator  -> fcgw -> ( any fc simulator)*
>> I have all hardware in place ....
>> i used all configuration steps which are mentioned on open-fcoe-wiki......
>> but i am not able to see luns on initiator side.
>> I think either i missed out something on fcgw...
>> i used following steps to set up fcgw.
>> 1.I have 2gbps atto card
>> 2. downloaded tachynet driver from sourceforge.net(link provided on wiki
>> page)
>> 3. modprobe tachynet
>> 4. ifconfig efc01
>> 5.ifconfig eth1
>> 6.fcgw -i eth0 -f efc0 -n &
>>   gateway is running  now
>> Target setup
>> i have qlogic  and i am using scst .
>> luns are created on target
>> Initiator setup
>> I have new open-fcoe code
>> loaded fcoe module
>> 1.modprobe fcoe
>> 2.echo eth1 > /sys/module/fcoe/create
>> Could anyone please help me in this??
>> is my setup is rite??
>> am i missing any steps ??
>> I studied this using wireshark , initiator is sending FLOGI but i think
>> gatways is not responsding to it and not even forwarding to target.
>> Thanks & Regards
>> --
>> Manali

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