[Open-FCoE] [PATCH] fcoe: use ETH_P_FIP for skb->protocol of FIPframes

Joe Eykholt jeykholt at cisco.com
Sat Apr 4 01:28:45 UTC 2009

Chris Leech wrote:
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>>> Subject: [Open-FCoE] [PATCH] fcoe: use ETH_P_FIP for
>>> skb->protocol of FIPframes
>>> FIP frames should leave the fcoe layer with skb->protocol set
>>> to ETH_P_FIP, not ETH_P_802_3.
>> I think the reason 802_3 was set was to accommodate the tc command, to get
>> the right 803.1p tags.  Maybe that's been solved some other way by now.
>> How is skb->protocol used on output?
> For the FCoE offload support we wanted traffic set to ETH_P_FCOE so that
> a network driver could tell what type of frame it was without peeking
> into the header.  Other than that I think it's just a matter of correctness
> and matching what other protocols do.  With FCoE data traffic changed to
> using ETH_P_FCOE, it doesn't make sense to me to not have FIP using
> I was never really clear what the issue with the tc filters for DCB was,
> when I looked at it there didn't seem to be a problem with using the
> real ethertype.  That may have changed with the use of the skb_edit
> action to assign a transmit queue, if fcoeplumb was previously using a
> action to set the priority bits?
> - Chris

I don't remember either.  Maybe it was a much earlier version of tc that
had some limitation.

Thanks for fixing up fcoeplumb.  I was wondering if we should add a filter
to put FIP in the same queues.  FIP is less sensitive to drops, but maybe
we should do that anyway.  What do you think?


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