[Open-FCoE] [PATCH v2] libfc, fcoe, fnic: Separate rport and lport max retry counts

Love, Robert W robert.w.love at intel.com
Thu Apr 16 21:03:06 UTC 2009

Abhijeet Arvind Joglekar (abjoglek) wrote:
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>> From: Robert Love [mailto:robert.w.love at intel.com]
>> Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 12:44 PM
>> To: Abhijeet Arvind Joglekar (abjoglek)
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>> Subject: Re: [Open-FCoE] [PATCH v2] libfc, fcoe, fnic:
>> Separate rport and lport max retry counts
>> On Thu, 2009-04-16 at 12:40 -0700, Robert Love wrote:
>>> From: Abhijeet Joglekar <abjoglek at cisco.com>
>>> This allows number of retries to be configured separately for lport
>>> and rport. This is preparation for fnic which will allow independent
>>> configuration of lport and rport retries.
>> This is just an update to the patch. I'm confused what you
>> want me to do with this patch- push it for 30-rc or 31 merge?
>> I didn't OK the patch as a fix before since it's not a fix. I
>> suggested that it should go with fnic since this is to
>> support a fnic feature.
> I will submit fnic for 30-merge tomorrow. However, fnic won't have
> this separate rport retry counter, since the libFC patch to enable it
> (which is this patch) is not in scsi-misc yet.
> Once fnic goes in scsi-misc, and gets pulled into fcoe-features and
> fcoe-fixes through scsi-misc, we could push this patch out for 31
> merge or 30-rc (if James is ok with it).
Would it work for you to just add this patch to your fnic set and I'll
pull your fnic set into -features when you've put it out to linux-scsi
to make sure our other features don't conflict? Otherwise I'd want to
push this with updated logging patches for the 31 merge window.

I like it as a part of the fnic patch set for two reasons. 1) it's
supporting a fnic feature and 2) it doesn't make that feature dependent
on this dangling patch. This prep work patch and the corresponding fnic
feature can then go in at the same time.

I'm fine with this change, so you can add my Signed-off line to the
patch if it's in the fnic set.

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