[Open-FCoE] Reg: Working with FC-GW

Rijesh Kunhi Parambattu rijesh.p at hcl.in
Tue Apr 21 07:27:52 UTC 2009


   I am trying to work out a test environment with the following the


Cisco Nexus FCoE Switch <------->FC-GW <------------>  Tachynet Driver
<---------> Atto HBA ,<----------> FC HBA Initator From Emulex.


Basically I am trying to demonstrate the interopability of FCoE switch
with FC Initiator/Target. I have not got the hardware ready, but want to
know whether this 

Topology will work? Technically Atto card should be transparent to FC2
and above functionalities, so that any Link services (LS) commands and
FC-CT are just a "pass through" to Tachynet driver ,and Atto HBA should
not have any problems in Interconnecting though they work as Initiators.



Also I am trying to set up, another topology in the following way


Cisco Nexus FCoE Switch <------->  FC-GW <------------>  Tachynet Driver
<---------> Atto HBA ,<----------> FC Switch from Qlogic.

This topology is to demonstrate the interoperability of VE-Port
functionality with E-Port through FC-GW 


Also let me know whether this topology works out.



Thanks in Advance,

Rijesh, HCL Tech.






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