[Open-FCoE] i am not get libfcoe module

Joe Eykholt jeykholt at cisco.com
Sat Apr 25 14:50:51 UTC 2009

muthu kumar wrote:
> Hi all
> i am not get  libfcoe module in the -> Device Drivers -> SCSI device
> support-> SCSI low-level drivers (SCSI_LOWLEVEL [=y]  location when i run
> initiator side"make menuconfig"
> how to i get this module,actually what is the propose of this module

That module has the FIP implementation in it and a couple of other routines
used by fcoe.  It's new in 2.6.30-rc(something).

Maybe there's some higher level config that you need to select first,
but I think if SCSI is enabled, you get everything else automatically.
Check if SCSI_FC_ATTRS is enabled, but that should be selected for you.
Check if LIBFC is enabled, but that should also get selected for you.

What kernel version or open-fcoe source version are you using?

If you see FCOE and select m for that, you should get LIBFCOE automatically,
but it certainly should show up in the menu.  Check that there's
a LIBFCOE section in scsi/drivers/Kconfig.


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