[Open-FCoE] i am not get libfcoe module

Joe Eykholt jeykholt at cisco.com
Mon Apr 27 17:23:24 UTC 2009

muthu kumar wrote:
> Hi
>  i am  using initiator source version 2.6.28.rc5

It sounds like you don't have libfcoe as part of that, which
is OK if you're not using FIP.   If you're not familiar with FIP,
or you're not testing FIP specifically, you probably don't need it or libfcoe.

If you want FIP and all the latest stuff, get the latest fcoe-features
tree using git by:

	git clone  git://open-fcoe.org/openfc/fcoe-features.git

	Good luck,

> On Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 8:20 PM, Joe Eykholt <jeykholt at cisco.com
> <mailto:jeykholt at cisco.com>> wrote:
>     muthu kumar wrote:
>         Hi all
>         i am not get  libfcoe module in the -> Device Drivers -> SCSI device
>         support-> SCSI low-level drivers (SCSI_LOWLEVEL [=y]  location
>         when i run
>         initiator side"make menuconfig"
>         how to i get this module,actually what is the propose of this module
>     That module has the FIP implementation in it and a couple of other
>     routines
>     used by fcoe.  It's new in 2.6.30-rc(something).
>     Maybe there's some higher level config that you need to select first,
>     but I think if SCSI is enabled, you get everything else automatically.
>     Check if SCSI_FC_ATTRS is enabled, but that should be selected for you.
>     Check if LIBFC is enabled, but that should also get selected for you.
>     What kernel version or open-fcoe source version are you using?
>     If you see FCOE and select m for that, you should get LIBFCOE
>     automatically,
>     but it certainly should show up in the menu.  Check that there's
>     a LIBFCOE section in scsi/drivers/Kconfig.
>            Cheers,
>            Joe
> -- 
> Regards
> Muthukumar

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