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Trevor Fenton Trevor Fenton
Tue Dec 1 12:06:31 UTC 2009

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Acce vh ssRx prov nz ides Men’s Hea ec lth prod ilt ucts to tr fl eat erec dfr tile dysf mvw uncti tt on (ED). Cho tt ose from all three FD rr A-appr knp oved ED pre wcf scri jm ption me yqr dicat ejz ions: Via vgg gra, Cia bwq lis and Lev ua itra. Only a small per wln centa qbu ge of men seek he oc lp for ED, alth pyl ough a lar xau ge num fc ber of men expe llh rience it in var keh ying deg vp rees. All three FDA-app fe rove sil d d qiu rug ikh s are pro ss ven to be effe oa ctive in most hea dm lthy men. 

See Acc aa essRx’s pr hd oduct info rm rmation pag xk es for det gh ails about dos sst ages, dire ovs ctions, side eff jac ects, pre dye cauti lxz ons, fre py quently as ywv ked ques jc tions, li htv nks to manuf vbb acturer web fwi sites and pati hv ent/pre mm scrib vge ing inf fct orma bp tion. 

You can also acc kn ess aVia bl gra, Cia lxx lis, Levi sp tra comp bw arison ch pfe art that sum vgt mari htn zes me lrs d dqe ication in lf forma fh tion for the thr ah ee ED dru uxg gs in one cen rg tral loca ud tion. 
Intr pv oduced in 1998 as the first FDA-appr bz oved medi hne cation to tre mh at ED, Via os gra is st pjs ill the most pre cu scribed ED me slp dic tk ation. A tri uo ed-and-true sta qiz ndby for men who des bmx ire har pl der ere rq ctions, Via uyw gra also he cm lps main ey tain an ere de ction thro zxc ughout se ef xual con sds tact. 
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Cia pj lis was int tvm rod we uced as an FDA-ap ci prov kpu ed trea gms tment for ED in 2003. The me xfa dication has enj zc oyed incr sjc eased pop dy ular kji ity over time beca cu use it’s clin wsd ically pro qk ven to wo lqa rk up to 36 ho cmh urs. Hence the re my  yop ason many refer to Cia yte lis as the “wee mk kend” pi yfj ll for ED. 

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Levi oa tra is ano qmw ther FDA-app vi roved option for men who suf co fer from ED. The me vq dica uz tion has been found to be just as effe fl ctive as Via zr gra and Cia snt lis, and has wo un rked for men who did not find suc ids cess with tho lsk se ED dr vij ugs. 

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