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Tatsapaugh Arguelles regin at technika10.nl
Sat Dec 5 22:37:56 UTC 2009

Ase; it interrupted his plans as much as did the Polish question. We
shall have to see with what ingenuity he gained for his country an
advantage from what appeared at first to be a most inconvenient
situation. We must shortly explain the origin of this question, the most
complicated that has ever occupied European diplomacy. The Duchy of
Holstein had been part of the German Empire; for many hundreds of years
the Duke of Holstein had also been King of Denmark; the connection at
first had been a purely personal union; it was, however, complicated by
the existence of the Duchy of Schleswig. Schleswig was outside the
Confederation, as it had been outside the German Empire, and had in old
days been a fief of the Kingdom of Denmark. The nobles of Holstein had,
however, gradually succeeded in extending German influence and the
German language into Schleswig, so that this Duchy had become more than
half German. Schleswig and Holstein were also joined together by very
old customs, which were, it is said, founded on charters given by the
Kings of Denmark; it was claimed that the two Duchies were always to be
ruled by the same man, and also that they were to be kept quite distinct
from the Kingdom of Denmark. These charters are not undisputed, but in
this cas

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