[Open-FCoE] A "real" situation to the child,--and if it does

Maxie gratin at ilgeko.com
Mon Dec 7 03:36:18 UTC 2009

E all honest efforts of school men and school women toward this
much-desired end. But whenever men and women enter schoolcraft because
of the material rewards that it offers, the virtue will have gone out of
our calling,--just as the virtue went out of the Church when, during the
Middle Ages, the Church attracted men, not because of the opportunities
that it offered for social service, but because of the opportunities
that it offered for the acquisition of wealth and temporal power,--just
as the virtue has gone out of certain other once-noble professions that
have commercialized their standards and tarnished their ideals. This is
not to say that one condemns the man who devotes his life to the
accumulation of property. The tremendous strides that our country has
made in material civilization have been conditioned in part by this type
of genius. Creative genius must always compel our admiration and our
respect. It may create a world epic, a matchless symphony of tones or
pigments, a scientific theory of tremendous grasp and limitless scope;
or it may cr

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