[Open-FCoE] At portion of a country in which a separate work

Borovetz incantation at luztecnica.es
Wed Dec 23 13:30:13 UTC 2009

Onviction for ever that it was God's purpose by my using the simplest
means to bring souls into liberty, and to break into the cold and formal
state of things to which His people only too readily settle down." For
the sake of readers who have never seen Meetings such as The General for
so many years conducted, it seems at once necessary to explain what is
meant by the terms "seeking mercy" or "Salvation," the "cries for
mercy," and, above all, the "Mercy-Seat," or "Penitent-Form," which
appear so constantly in all reports of his work. From the first
beginnings of his Cottage Meetings as a lad in Nottingham, he always

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