[Open-FCoE] Nt surprise: "A wife loves her husband

Haning Haward ostracizable at mantelz.org
Fri Dec 25 06:32:08 UTC 2009

E! Besides, I can talk to her about my regiment on the way. That will be
wonderful, Neeland! That will be quite wonderful! I can talk to her in
Russian about my regiment all the way home!" He laughed and looked at
his friend, at Ilse Dumont, at the drooping figure he was to take under
his escort. He glanced down at his own ragged attire where he stood
hatless, collarless, one sleeve of his evening coat ripped open to the
shoulder. "Isn't it wonderful!" he cried, bursting out into
uncontrollable laughter. "Neeland, my dear comrade, this has been the
most delightfully wonderful night of my entire life! But the great
miracle is still to come! Hurrah for a thousand lances! Hurrah! Town
taken by Prince Erlik! Hurrah!" And he seized the young girl whom he was
to escort to her home--wherever that hazy locality might be--and carried

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