[Open-FCoE] You will like the quality of our soft, but moreover you will like the prices.

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Fri Dec 25 14:45:26 UTC 2009

>>> Attention!!! 

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 DSC_0091 copy this image of silke stoddard's knitting is burned into my mind and tatooed on my heart.  Mosaic4519666 January 14, 2009 in things i love | Permalink | Comments (34) seriously though, my closest friends are: fun, real and honest, good, entertaining, in love with life, a little crazy, down to earth, deep, and incapable of bs.      * 31 pairs booties. they need to be newly purchased or sewn (get the idea yet? :)). they need to be 0-6 month size. they can be knitted or crocheted or sewn from fleece. pattern for sewing from fleece here. i just like this picture. 6a00d83451c0f869e2010536d3f2d6970b-400wi     * 124 diaper safety pins. exhibit a) the remains of a typical snack made for cate  (so is corned beef if you've never tried it).   so i am making my checklists and as people email me with what they want to donate i will check off that amount. then i will email the people that said they will get whatever i assign with the remaining needs and check those off. then i will fill in the gaps myself. i will give you my address in the confirmation emails. expect all of this to take me a little while! many people emailed asking if they could just send money because of prohibitive shipping and that would be wonderful too. i promise 1000% of the money will go to the kits. my paypal address is grantmccaleb at gmail.com. put in the message "PROJECT 31" and we'll be good to go. any materials you want to send to me unfinished is fine, i will sew or serge as needed. i can't thank those of you that emailed, and will continue to email me, enough! this project has really turned my getting older into something positive for me. i look forward to my age number getting "bigger" because it means more people to help! thank you thank you thank you!  


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