[Open-FCoE] competitions for the new year

Atoka, TN amyx at public.qd.sd.cn
Sat Dec 26 17:47:50 UTC 2009

          VI kqb AG pa RA+BO dez NUS            CI ctb AL twp IS+BON kb US            LE qpv VIT ii RA+BO wqm NUS      
  Spe lo cial Chri ei stmas     Disc smf ount! De iud ar Cust spl omer,  onl pkw ine     ph qo arm ic acy of rux fers a spe kxn cial 10% dis muu count du tds ring this holi vp day sea mjh son.          B hsy uy Ge qn ne kzn ric Vi cwb ag kwk ra Onl ed ine - Eas ga y and Fa sf st. Hi wvk gh Qu nm ality Ge wag ner zlb ic Vi lk ag jsg ra   Pi se lls. Cl gu ick He pux re    M be erry Chris yx tmas and a Ha wlp ppy New     Year!

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