[Open-FCoE] how to celebrate the New Year

Abbeville, AL u39a21 at ms29.hinet.net
Sat Dec 26 22:24:59 UTC 2009

          VI xci AG tba RA+BO nbg NUS            CI zev AL sx IS+BON bcy US            LE qpv VIT zep RA+BO mi NUS      
  Spe ptc cial Chri gnw stmas     Disc ve ount! De at ar Cust viz omer,  onl evf ine     ph ax arm lz acy of ihy fers a spe ceq cial 10% dis zhp count du xxe ring this holi hv day sea xp son.          B td uy Ge drk ne now ric Vi uob ag fcf ra Onl om ine - Eas wqj y and Fa lk st. Hi ju gh Qu eys ality Ge xmx ner xr ic Vi gx ag blm ra   Pi vtr lls. Cl wvz ick He lbv re    M szv erry Chris hn tmas and a Ha cmg ppy New     Year!

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