[Open-FCoE] when they worked

Norstrom Lorello cluster at etmvalencia.es
Sun Dec 27 19:48:36 UTC 2009

 of hurling ridicule back as effectively as a boomerang. For we have
seen and marvelled at the shattering not only of the mythical eighty-day
record but even the ten-day record, as progress wends its ceaseless,
ambitious, difficult and almost fantastic way through the years. And so
it will be gratifying and, no doubt, amazing to many to read this book
and realize the advancement made in aviation since this story was
written by Mr. Fraser, and how many of the ideas he prophesied for
airplane advancement that have materialized in less than a score of
years. Around-the-world flyers, even the most recent, have all flown
more or less northerly routes, not following the equatorial belt, which
is, as we all know, the earth's greatest circumference. It is this
course that our four young heroes take in Sky-Bird II, a plane designed
and constructed by themselves, containing many features that aeronautics
now takes for granted, and some not yet realized, which are,
nevertheless, "within the scope of mechanical science," as 

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