[Open-FCoE] questions regarding FCoE initator code

Joe Eykholt jeykholt at cisco.com
Thu Dec 31 20:03:32 UTC 2009

sachin divyaveer wrote:
> Hello sir,
>           I along with my project group are working on 'FCoE support for
>  gPXE' as our final year engineering project.As a part of it we are
> trying to understand FCoE initiator code.
> Please tell me the flow of that code.....which is the entry point?
> -sachin
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You should study the code in the fcoe.ko module fcoe_if_create().
The first call into libfc is libfc_host_alloc().  Once everything
else is set up, the code in fcoe_libfc_config() calls a several
initializing routines in libfc.   Another example module you could
look at is fnic, which may be more like the gPXE.  fnic is a pci
device so it does all the setup in fnic_probe().

This isn't a lot of help, but what you ask is a tall order.
You'll have o figure out most of what you need on your own
by reading the code and the comments.

	Good luck,

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