[Open-FCoE] Initiator and Target setup

Joe Eykholt jre at nuovasystems.com
Thu Jan 29 19:58:03 UTC 2009

Mohanraj Krishnaraj wrote:
> Hi,
>     I need help with the initiator and target setup. I have followed the
> instructions in the FCoE Initiator Quickstart and FCoE Target Quickstart
> guide. The documents mentions that both the devices can be connected as
> a back-to-back. I can see both the initiator and target sending "FLOGI"
> frames in Wireshark.  I don't see any response to the FLOGI frames. Is
> there anything else I am missing in the setup?

That should work.  They should both answer the FLOGI frames.  Wireshark
doesn't identify the response as FLOGI response because the D_ID of the
response differs from the S_ID of the FLOGI request.  It's messy to fix
in Wireshark, but one of these days it may get fixed anyway.
So, you may have the response there, but not have noticed it, perhaps.

It may be the old OUI mismatch problem.  It used to be that we sent
the FLOGIs to 0xfcfcfcfffffe.  Now they go to 0x000efcfffffe.  So that
last address should be added to the unicast receive filters.  To see if
that might be the problem, be sure that both are sending to the same
MAC address and try putting both sides in promiscuous mode to see if
that helps.

Also, avoid having any switch in between the two hosts.  It shouldn't
cause any problem here, though.

Do you see anything besides FLOGI frames?

If you post your trace, maybe someone will see something.
Just the FLOGI frames and any subsequent LS_ACC frames that you see should
be enough.   You could post them in text or send me the binary trace from


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