[Open-FCoE] Initiator and Target setup

Vasu Dev vasu.dev at linux.intel.com
Fri Jan 30 17:15:20 UTC 2009

Mohanraj Krishnaraj wrote:
> Hi Joe,
>    Thanks for your response. My setup doesn't seem to have fcoeadm. The
> guides doesn't give any information on installing fcoeadm. 

Which guide you are referring to ?

> I tried it
> searching online and downloaded some software. 

Which some sw, any names of sw you tried ?

> I keep getting
> compilation errors and it needs more and more software. Is there any
> document on how to install fcoeadm?

This link  
http://www.open-fcoe.org/openfc/wiki/index.php/Code_repositories has  
info on code respos and fcoeadm is in user code repo at  

You could also enable FCoE initiator on a ethX interface as per this 

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