[Open-FCoE] [RFC] FIP support

Love, Robert W robert.w.love at intel.com
Fri Jan 30 22:16:51 UTC 2009

Joe Eykholt wrote:
> Love, Robert W wrote:
>> Joe Eykholt wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I'm getting ready to resubmit the FIP support patches for the
>>> fcoe-fixes tree. Is it likely to be accepted and integrated?
>> I'd be glad to create a fcoe-features tree to put it in. As well
>> as fnic for that matter (if I can get some updated patches),
>> since -initiator is becoming stale. The fcoe-fixes tree I'm
>> using as a staging tree for just fixes, so although I think
>> preparing your patches against it is the right thing to do, I
>> don't think FIP should be committed there until there's some
>> degree of buy off from linux-scsi about it being in-kernel.
> Keeping it separate until accepted upstream is fine.
> I asked the SCSI alias that question back in November.
> James Smart agreed with my justifications and to have it in the
> kernel.  I got one other agreement, but I forget who it was.
> I didn't get any dissent.
I just re-reviewed that mail and you got more buy-off on the
in-kernel solution than I had remembered.


> Thanks, everyone, for the feedback, I'll wait a while to hear more,
> then refresh the patch set accordingly.
If you'd like to mail your patchset out I can put them in a fcoe-fixes
based fcoe-features repo and we can do incremental changes until the
module organization is sorted out. It's up to you.

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