[Open-FCoE] [PATCH 00/13] Miscellaneous fcoe-utils improvements

Robert Love robert.w.love at intel.com
Thu Jul 2 16:27:47 UTC 2009

The following series could be carved into multiple sets, but since each smaller set
would depend on previous sets I chose to post them in one grouping, here is the

Patches 1-5: Reduce the default verbosity of fcoemon. This grouping has the '--debug'
flag read by the init script and then passed to fcoemon, which in turn passes it to
fcoeplumb. I think this is cleaner than having each entity read the config file. This
set also changes the default config file to be DEBUG="no" to reduce the amount of
default logging.

Patches 6-8: Just cleanup patches. Remove unused code, fix some formatting and
clean up one deeply nested switch statement.

Patch 9: Remove Logical Link check, fixes fcoemon against FIP capable switches.

Patch 10: Remove unused code.

Patch 11: Broaden scope of config file names that fcoemon will read.

Patch 12-13: Clean up code a bit and then ignore the link state of an interface.

A few notes: I'd also like to pass the USE_SYSLOG flag which would complete
the "not every app should source the config file" problem. Also, I'd like to
make some fcoemon logging macros that would standardize the output. I'm also
not convinced that fcoemon should be turning dcbd on. Maybe we want it to
have an "intelligent" mode where it would try to configure the system for the
user, but I don't like it making changes without the administrator's knowledge.


Rob Love (5):
      fcoe-utils: config file doesn't default to DEBUG="yes"
      fcoe-utils: fcoemon passes the "--debug" flag to fcoeplumb
      fcoe-utils: fcoeplumb takes "--debug" argument from caller, not config file
      fcoe-utils: init scripts pass debug flag to fcoemon
      fcoe-utils: Reduce debug flags to one

Robert Love (8):
      fcoe-utils: Ignore interface operational state
      fcoe-utils: Create a function for RTM_GETLINK processing
      fcoe-utils: Don't depend on "eth" as part of the interface name
      fcoe-utils: Don't read HAS_FIP from config file
      fcoe-utils: Remove Logical Link check from fcoemon
      fcoe-utils: Split out major sections of the dcbd response case statement
      fcoe-utils: Fix strange line breaks in fcoemon/fcoeadm
      fcoe-utils: Remove '#ifdef NOT_YET' block

 etc/config             |    4 
 etc/initd/initd.fedora |    5 
 etc/initd/initd.suse   |    5 
 fcoeadm.c              |   51 +--
 fcoemon.c              |  912 +++++++++++++++++++-----------------------------
 fcoemon.h              |    1 
 fcoeplumb.in           |   38 +-
 7 files changed, 408 insertions(+), 608 deletions(-)


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