[Open-FCoE] [RFC PATCH V3 0/3] fcoe: RTNL rework of patches 11-13 of NPIV prep-work

Chris Leech christopher.leech at intel.com
Thu Jul 9 00:05:57 UTC 2009

Rework the last 3 patches in this series to use RTNL mutex instead of adding a
new mutex in fcoe.  Also removes the hostlist_lock, since the list is now used
only under RTNL as well.

I've tested using Joe's script with 4 interfaces, as well as network driver
unload tests.


Chris Leech (3):
      fcoe: Fix module ref count bug by adding NETDEV UNREGISTER handling
      fcoe: move the host-list add/remove to keep out VN_Ports
      fcoe: use RTNL mutex to serialize create/destroy and protect hostlist

 drivers/scsi/fcoe/fcoe.c |  191 +++++++++++++++++-----------------------------
 1 files changed, 71 insertions(+), 120 deletions(-)

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