[Open-FCoE] [RESUBMIT PATCH] fcoe-utils: fcping implementation via FC pass-through interface

James Smart James.Smart at Emulex.Com
Thu Jul 9 18:51:41 UTC 2009


Ma, Steve wrote:
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>> via FC pass-through interface
>> This is cool.
>> Brings out one comment in my mind though...  It uses hbaapi to find the
>> adapter, but then reverts to sg_io for the echo ELS.  Seems odd and
>> makes this very linux-centric.  Why wouldn't we extend the hbaapi
>> interface to have a generic send_els routine (it has a bunch of like
>> functions, but they are specific to an ELS), and wrapper the els-sending
>> in the library (which is very linux-centric in implementation) ?
>> -- james
> Hi James,
> The HBAAPI spec (SNIA version) the vendor library based on does not have a generic ELS pass-through function entry; however, it has a generic CT pass-through function entry. This is why I do SG_IO in the fcping.c for ELS. I know this is really not convenient.
> Thanks for your comments.
> Steve Ma
You confirmed what I said - but didn't answer - why wouldn't we add a 
generic ELS function to the library used by fcoe-utils ?

Also seems like a great insulator if anything ever changed in the SGIO 
interface (like the protocol define, etc).

-- james

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