[Open-FCoE] [PATCH 00/15] initd/fcoe, fcoemon and fcoeplumb improvements

Robert Love robert.w.love at intel.com
Thu Jul 16 17:00:21 UTC 2009

The following series implements a few improvements to some of the user space tools.

Patches 1-7: Rework logging macros. I wanted uniform output, and I achieved that, but I'm
	     also moving some macros out of fcoemon_utils.h and into fcoemon.h. I'd like
	     to see fcoemon_utils.[ch] become more of an overall utility library. The
	     new VLAN discovery tool could make use of it eventually and possibly fcoeadm.

Patches 8-13: Have initd/fcoe read /etc/fcoe/config and pass "--syslog" forward if
	      USE_SYSLOG="yes". So, these patches add a '--syslog" option to fcoemon
	      and fcoeplumb. Also, when syslog is used don't print to stderr as well.

Patch 14: fcoemon was leaving defunct (zombie) processes for each fcoeplumb call. fcoemon
      	  needed to 'wait()' for the child processes to complete to re-claim them.

Patch 15: General fcoemon man page cleanups. There had been a few changes to the fcoemon
      	  functionality that were not correctly descried in the man page. This patch
	  corrects incorrect statements and attempts to make some formatting more
	  consistent. I do think this man page needs a full pass though to clean up
	  the language a bit more; I think there are statements in the man page that
	  are more for developers and not necessarily helpful to users.

Nothing in this patch series has changed since the RFC other than documentation changes.


Robert Love (15):
      fcoe-utils: Fix incorrect statements in fcoemon's man page
      fcoe-utils: wait() for child processes to complete
      fcoe-utils: Don't log to stderr when use_syslog is set
      fcoe-utils: Add "--syslog" flag to fcoemon
      fcoe-utils: Use fcoe_config not fcm_use_syslog and fcm_debug
      fcoe-utils: Add "--syslog" flag to fcoeplumb
      fcoe-utils: Correct fcoeplumb.in case statement indentation
      fcoe-utils: Have a fcoemon_utils.[ch] use_syslog flag
      fcoe-utils: Remove function name from print statements
      fcoe-utils: Convert all SA_LOG* functions to FCM_LOG*
      fcoe-utils: Add new macros to print interface name with statements
      fcoe-utils: remove SA_LOG_ERR_EXIT
      fcoe-utils: remove unused SA_LOG_EXIT macro
      fcoe-utils: rm sa_log_output_exit() wrapper for exit()
      fcoe-utils: Change sa_select_loop to have a return value

 doc/fcoemon.8          |  103 +++++-------
 etc/initd/initd.fedora |    7 -
 etc/initd/initd.suse   |    9 +
 fcoemon.c              |  412 ++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------------
 fcoemon.h              |   36 ++++
 fcoemon_utils.c        |   34 +---
 fcoemon_utils.h        |   40 -----
 fcoeplumb.in           |   42 +++--
 8 files changed, 321 insertions(+), 362 deletions(-)


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