[Open-FCoE] [net-next-2.6 PATCH 5/5] fcoe: Use NETIF_F_FCOE_MTU flag to set up max frame size (lport->mfs)

David Miller davem at davemloft.net
Sun Jul 26 16:44:02 UTC 2009

From: Robert Love <robert.w.love at intel.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 11:48:03 -0700

> Yes, absolutely, but it's only this small patch that creates the
> dependency. I figured that all of the other fcoe patches could go into
> James' scsi-misc tree and get merged first. Then this one could go into
> his scsi-post-merge tree and depend on net-next.
> It's really up to you and James, I just thought that would be easier.

So I tried to apply just the networking bits but none of the ixgbe
parts apply properly to net-next-2.6, so this patch series will
need to be respun and resubmitted in it's entirety so I can
apply it properly.

It seems that the ixgbe driver now maintains feature flags differently
than whatever revision of the driver these patches were generated

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