[Open-FCoE] fcoe-next.git updated

Robert Love robert.w.love at intel.com
Thu Jul 30 01:14:45 UTC 2009


	I rebased fcoe-next.git to be Linus' tree + scsi-rc-fixes + scsi-misc
so that we're as close to the tip of development as possible for the
next merge window and so that we have as many upstream fixes as
possible. The repository is now up to -rc4. You will need to rebase your
trees as a result.

	I made two feature removals (3 patches) from our set. Chris found a
problem with CRC calculations in one of the FC Passthrough patches that
was setting up a common copy_to_buffer function, so I removed the FC
Passthrough patches from the series. I also didn't like the name of the
DDP limit sysfs variable. It's currently named 'fcoe_ddp_limit' but I
think the 'fcoe_' prefix is redundant since this sysfs entry is
under /sys/modules/fcoe/parameters/. I intend to rework the patch to
name it 'ddp_limit'; there will be no functionality change. As soon as
those patches are fixed they'll be re-mailed to this list so that they
can be applied to fcoe-next.git.

	I also mailed the patches that had been on the tree to linux-scsi for
the next merge window. We're going to have a lot of features for this
merge window so I thought it would be good to get this first set out
sooner than later. I'll send another set out when we've got more code
applied to fcoe-next.git.



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