[Open-FCoE] Fw:Can intel x520 network adapter use as fcoe target?

Love, Robert W robert.w.love at intel.com
Fri Sep 13 20:10:23 UTC 2013

I contacted the document owner and it is simply out of date. The FCoE target should work fine on x520. The RH document should work just fine.

I am unsure why you're not getting an FCID. Are the VLAN and FCF being discovered correctly?

It's likely to just be a configuration problem. If the log file isn't providing details as to why, you could take a wire trace to see what's happening on the wire or turn on debug_logging to see if there are any clues with extra verbosity.


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Subject: Fw:Can intel x520 network adapter use as fcoe target?

HI, Open fcoe team
       I'm one eigneer in China who would like to set up end-to-end fcoe to run fcoe traffic. But I have trouble when try to set up fcoe target on the x520 adaptor. So I have question if x520 network adaptoer can be used as fcoe target?

       I'm trying to setup end-to-end fcoe via below enviroment:
       server->cisco switch->storage
       server enviroment: original HP server installed with x520 network adaper. Run as fcoe initiator.    Software enviroment redhat 6.4. Fcoe-utils software installed.
       cisco switch: cisco 5000 series nexus 5548P switch
          storage: exactly the same hardware as server. also original HP server installed with x520 adapter. Run as fcoe initiator.  Software enviroment 6.4. fcoe-target-utils software installed.

          I have followeed below steps in the redhat fcoe setup release note.  https://access.redhat.com/site/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/6/html/Storage_Administration_Guide/fcoeconfig.html
      The fcoe initiator can be set up successfully via intel x520 network adapter. "fcoeadm -i" would show the exactly the fcoe device online. The connection setup with Cisco switch successfully.
       But the fcoe target with intel x520 adapter can't via the steps in the link upstairs. "fcoeadm -i" wouldn't show the fcoe device online in target side. Either in cisco switch would not see the target fcid.

          Below there question would you help do an answer.
       1. So I'm wondering if x520 server can support fcoe target?  Does it mean x520 adapter could not used as a fcoe target? There is one such description in the attachment technical document(Intel Cloud Builders_Unified Networking_FCOE.pdf) written by intel.
          Since the Intel Ethernet Server Adapter x520 does not support a FCoE Target, Qlogic FCoE cards are used for access.
       2. If intel fcoe card can be used as fcoe target, would you give me hints how to set it up?
       3. If intel fcoe card can't be used as fcoe target, would you show me which Qlogic fcoe cards cards can be used as fcoe target?

          I would provide more info if you need.

          Great thanks in advance,

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