[Open-FCoE] [ANOUNCE] New open-fcoe release v1.0.32

Johannes Thumshirn jthumshirn at suse.de
Tue Jan 17 12:29:08 UTC 2017


I've tagged a new release v1.0.32 of fcoe-utils at

There's not much news here's the git log:
Chad Dupuis (1):
      fcoemon: Add retry mechanism during fip vlan discovery if socket fails to open.

Chris Leech (2):
      fcoeadm: --target segfault with other FC storage present
      sanmac isn't required

Hannes Reinecke (3):
      fcoemon: fixup log_nlmsg_error()
      fcoemon: Add debugging message for 'recv'
      Fallback to default MAC address for FIP

Johannes Thumshirn (2):
      fcoeadm: Fix possible buffer overflows
      fcoe-utils: increment fcoe-utils version to 1.0.32

Milan P. Gandhi (3):
      fcoemon.c: Add a check to verify if dcbd is to be initialized, else do not try to connect to dcbd/lldpad
      fix a minor typo in fcoeadm_display.c, fcoemon.h and fcping.c
      Print an error upon failure in memory allocation for struct pollfd

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